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The ProTee Golf Simulator System allows you to play a full round of golf or practice, in the comfort of your own home.


The Elmer M1 Putter is the result of over 10 years of research and development - a truly revolutionary product.


MGI produces state of the art golf carts including the Navigator GPS Motorized Caddy. Enjoy walking the course; no need to carry your bags.


EGolfPro offers a variety of golf accessories such as golf club covers, beverage holders, laser rangefinders and more.


M1 Putter


The Elmer M1 Putter is the result of over 10 years of ground-breaking research and development - a truly revolutionary product, the likes of which have never been seen on a golf course. With a number of patented features, the M1 Putter is an essential addition to any golfer's bag.

Milled from a single solid aluminium billet to ensure perfect consistency, the M1 Putter has been designed with a number of revolutionary features that will change your game forever.


 · Sliding Body System for distance control.
 · Insert and non-insert milled faces included.
 · Aluminium and brass weighted rails included to ensure correct tracking.
 · Adjustable lie angle for both left and right-handed golfers.


33½" • 34½" • 35½" • 36½" • Belly • Broomstick
 · All fitted with high-tack Karakal grips.

(Please Note: belly and broomstick style available by special order only. Please email for details.)


The M1 Putter is supplied standard with the polymer insert face and aluminium rails fitted. You also get:

 · A milled aluminium face.
 · Two brass rails (38g ea.)
 · Neoprene wallet containing adjustment tool and instructions.

Both the USGA and R&A have ruled that the Elmer M1 Putter conforms to the Rules of Golf.

How It Works
Setting up your Elmer M1 Putter is simple.

First choose between the milled aluminium or polymer insert faces. The softer polymer insert face is suitable for faster greens, while the harder milled face is more suited to slower greens.

Adjust the lie angle so your M1 sits perfectly parallel to the ground.

Next choose between the two 13g aluminium rails, the 36g brass rails or one of each. These rail combinations serve two purposes: they can be used to change the overall weight of the putter, or, by using different weight rails, will introduce a bias towards the heel or toe - this helps you to take the putter back on the correct line.

Now adjust the sliding body towards or away from the face. On an average to semi fast green, the difference between fully opened and fully closed will give you a distance differential of 20% ie. 3 feet on a 15 foot putt.

You are now ready to experience a totally new era in putting!

Logically, on fast greens you would use the lightweight rails together with the insert face and have the face and body as far apart as possible. On slow greens you would use the heavier rails, the plain milled face and close the face and body gap. However, you can use any combination of the above to suit your personal style and playing conditions.

Remember these adjustments must be made prior to playing a stipulated round. As Rule 4-2.a states: During a stipulated round, the playing characteristics of a club must not be purposely changed by adjustment or by any other means.

Elmer M1 Putter Instructions

Instructions - click to enlarge

Sliding Body System for Enhanced Distance Control

Fully Adjustable Lie Angle - Left and Right Hand

Milled Insert and Aluminium Faces Both Included

Interchangeable Heavy Brass and Light Aluminium Rails Ensure Correct Balance and Tracking

Elmer M1 Putter

Elmer M1 Putter

$295.35 CDN

Putter Type

Actual shipping fees will apply.

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